FIELD TRIP - Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

The Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival (SDFF) runs March 26-29. Program Director Jason Purdue and his team curate one helluva program, and we're going to check it out. 

We'll see the West Coast premiere of On Her Own with Director Morgan Schmidt-Feng in attendance at 11:30AM. We'll break for lunch and reconvene for a second screening at 2. And YOU get to crowdsource which one we see (to take advantage of the group discount, the film/event with the most votes wins). Here is the link for details on the selected films listed below.

Register below to take advantage of the ticket discount and AV Film Society carpool. We will gather in Cloverdale behind The Clover Theater and then make our way south with one stop to pick up folks in Geyserville and one stop in Healdsburg. Once you submit this form, you'll see the PayPal button.

Fun, right?

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We'll carpool from Cloverdale (easy parking) and make one stop in Geyserville and one in Healdsburg on our way down/up. Are you in?