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august, 2020


Past & Future Events


How much do the virtual movies cost? Arthouse Screening Series films are between $10-$12. Special events like PRIDE MINIFEST are $15-$28. Half of the ticket price comes back to AVFS. #FilmFoodWine movies are up to you – most are on Netflix or Prime.

Do your video chats and FOCUS ON… interviews have subtitles? Yes. You can view auto-generated subtitles on Facebook and YouTube recordings.

For the Arthouse titles, do I start watching on my computer as soon as I purchase the movie?  Yes, or you can come back to it as often as you like within the rental period. Most movies give between 3-5 days of a rental period. Once you start playing the movie on one device, you have to stick with that device. So if you want to watch from your smart tv, be sure not to hit play until you have the film set up.

Are there specific times for certain movies? All of this virtual programming is self-directed except for drive-ins.

Are there specific times for your discussion groups? Our talk show “FOCUS ON…” is a live stream on Sundays are at 2PM. You can watch those in real-time on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch (if you subscribe on YouTube or Twitch, you’ll even get a reminder email every time we’re live!). Afterward, the recording will live on YouTube.

Can I watch on my TV instead of a computer screen? Most films are accessible on your television if you have AppleTV, Roku, firetv, or a smart tv.

If we’re missing anything, please let us know!

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