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Welcome to #AVFF2021! This year, our Festival is specifically designed to keep you connected to the world and each other with incredible films, artists, and events. Please make a point of joining us on Discord. This is how we’ll watch the Oscars together, meet up for Lobby Talks, and connect with thoughts and inspiration throughout the Festival. Instructions on how to get started are below.


To access the panels and Q&As for each film, you can find the link in the patron portal under the film title. Screenshot below.


Go to the Festival webpage, scroll down and sort the calendar by Panels and Events. Screenshot below.


There may be two buttons on the bottom right of your screening portal after you hit ‘play.’ One indicates the presence of a ‘playlist’ or more than one film and the second indicated that closed captioning is available.


Each film – every short and every feature – is up for an Audience Award in their respective category (Feature Narrative, Feature Documentary, Overall Short film). Be sure to vote on every movie you watch by selecting the amount of stars under the description in the patron portal.


All pass holders and anyone with a ticket to AVFF will have access to both Mental Health Meetups, Lobby Talk on Thursday morning (this will happen on Discord) and Friday Night Trivia! We will send out the links for each day by 8AM that morning. Keep an eye on your email.


All-Access and Sponsor passes include one car ticket to each drive-in. All you need to do is show your ID at each gate for entry. YOU MUST BE IN THE LOT by 8:15PM TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT. After 8:15PM, all empty spots will be sold as rush tickets.


Here’s the link to our FAQ page, which includes specific Virtual Pass FAQ and Technical FAQ. Be sure to download the “Elevent TV” app on Roku or Apple TV to watch on your TV!


On a computer, you can use Discord in your browser or you can download it as an application and keep it separate from all of your internet browser windows. Go to and follow the download link to get started. 

You can also install Discord on your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer to use your handheld device, go to your app store, download it there, and follow the instructions to get set up. 


On A Computer

Whether you downloaded the app or are just using Discord on your web browser, you’ll need to create an account. The method is similar between both but not exactly the same. 

Once you open the web or mobile app, for instance, you’ll be greeted by a prompt to choose a username. Type in whatever name you want – you won’t even need to worry about it being taken elsewhere. 

When that’s done there will be a prompt that pops up asking you to “claim your account” by entering in an email address and a password. 

In the app, when you open it you’ll be greeted with a login prompt asking for an email and a password. 

If you don’t have an account, you can click the ‘Register’ link underneath the ‘Login’ button to create an account. Click that link and it’ll ask for your email and you’ll have to choose a username and password. Once you do that, you’ll be asked to verify that you’re human (one of those “type the letters you see/hear” or “select all the photos of fire hydrants” prompts). And, then it’ll take you to the home screen on Discord. 

On Mobile

If you’re setting up on a mobile device, the same process applies: pick a username and password, type them out and you’re in.  You can set up two-factor authentication later, if you wish.


Now that you’ve registered, just click our invitation link, and it’ll automatically send you to our server!

You’ll see that some of our channels are for text-based chatting only. Others allow for you to use your microphone and speakers for voice chatting. Channels that are for text and image only will have a hashtag (#) before their name. For example, the welcome page describing the rules of using the AVFF Discord is called # welcome-and-rules. Channels that allow for voice or video-streaming have a little megaphone icon next to their name instead of a hashtag. For example, the Filmmaker Lounge channel is listed as a voice channel.

Here are some images showing you around your Discord screen. 

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